About Us

Pearl Dent was established in Egypt in 2016  to achieve its goal of providing new value to all its customers and who interested in dentistry field as well as cooperate with each other for achieving the objectives of the company in order to build a strong workforce and through our strategies we upgrading our services to meet the requirements of the market and offers continuous evaluation to ensure the best possible results at the lowest cost at the least time without compromising the product quality through our contracts and our agencies with the largest international companies in the field, which have the expertise, the professionalism and the follow-up in science. Pearl dent is not the first company in Dentistry Field. Pearl Dent began its working career as a partnership with Italian Biomec Company, which is one of the largest dental implant manufacturers and we was able to obtain an exclusive agency from the Italian Biomec Company to distribute Oxy Implants and the product was distributed in Egypt and The Middle East.   Pearl Dent cooperated with the Association of Dentists in Alexandria to provide a course for students in the final year of faculty of dentists and training for the dentists in the field of dental implants and informed them of everything new in this science and prepared them good on practicing of this field about 18 doctors were trained to implant oxy dental implants. At Pharos University we have prepared a workshop and training for student in the final year of faculty of dentists for 4 consecutive weeks and included introductory lectures in the field of dental implants from the beginning of the field until 2017.