Implants Open Tray Technique By Dr Eslam mohamed

The open tray or pick-up technique is required when implants are not parallel and the path of insertion is divergent. If closed tray impression posts are used in this situation, it may prevent removal of the impression tray from inside the patient’s mouth STEP 1: Remove the healing abutment from the implant and immediately replace it with an open-tray impression coping. STEP 2:Hand tighten the guide pin and work from the most posterior implant. Verify with a PA that each coping is fully engaged. STEP 3: Inject preferred syringe material around each impression post. Fill the tray with monophase or medium body and record the impression. STEP 4: Once the impression sets, remove each guide pin. Ensure all guide pins are completely dis-engaged before removing from patient’s mouth. STEP 5:To avoid soft tissue collapse on the im-plant, immediately replace healing abutments on all implants before continuing. STEP 6: Place the guide pins into the impression and send the case to Glide-well Laboratories.