Course On Advance And Basic Rules For Dental Implants ِAt Pharos University in Alexandria Presents By Pearl Dent

Pearl dent Company an exclusive agent of Biomec Company in Egypt and The Middle East, which owns implants brand, is proud and honored to provide this Course of Italian oxy implant. This course taught by a group of the best dentists in Egypt : Dr Basem Alashrafy, Dr Islam Mohammad. The course includes Basic rules for dental implant: 4 theoretical lectures with a total of 28 hours - 2 Lecture work shop with a total of 14 hours - The implantation process carried out by the student participating in the course under the supervision of doctors supervising the course. Basic Course Learning objectives:       Gain significant knowledge in the area of surgical implant placement, using a detailed and methodical approach that will allow dentists to start surgical procedures in their own practice.          After this course, dentist should feel competent and ready to start a simple, posterior implant practice immediately.          Be able to create simplified flow charts for case selection, surgical site assessment, implant selection, biomaterials selection, and patient management.          Become familiar with different bone graft materials and their applications. Know the various membranes and their applications.          Understand implant site development strategies from socket preservation to sinus grafting. Advanced Course Learning objectives: Enable to interpret a CBCT scan. Learn how to plan partially edentulous guided cases. Know how to plan edentulous cases. Learn the surgical steps necessary to completing guided surgical cases.