Course On Advance And Basic Rules For Dental Implants ِAt Alexandria Dental Syndicate Presents By Pearl Dent

Pearl dent Company an exclusive agent of Biomec Company in Egypt and The Middle East, which owns implants brand, is proud and honored to provide this Course of Italian oxy implant. This course taught by a group of the best dentists in Egypt : Dr Basem Alashrafy, Dr Islam Mohammad, Dr Rania Abdelaziz and Dr Assem  Hossameldin. at Alexandria Dental Syndicate. The course includes Basic rules for dental implant: 4 theoretical lectures with a total of 28 hours - 2 Lecture work shop with a total of 14 hours - The implantation process carried out by the student participating in the course under the supervision of doctors supervising the course. This Course included: Important Anatomy related to dental implants placement - Bone consideration and history of the socket area decide your procedure - Recent technology applied to guide through your intervention cone beams and planning software intraoral or desktop scanner 3D printing - Implants types and specifications - The selection of your fixture for your case - Oxy implants - Presentation of the kit and fixture - Flap management of implant placement and secondary implant surgery - Types of bones grafts and membrane Classification and management of alveolar bone defect - CBCT reading and applications in dental dentistry - Workshop on Laptop. Pearl Dent cooperated with the Association of Dentists in Alexandria to provide a course for students in the final year of faculty of dentists and training for the dentists in the field of dental implants and informed them of everything new in this science and prepared them good on practicing of this field about 18 doctors were trained to implant oxy dental implants.