OXY IMPLANT was established by Biomec Company which is the leading Italian Company in the implantology field especially in dental implants it was established in 1990 and has developed a complete range of versatile dental implants of great prosthetic simplicity called Oxy Implant. Oxy Implant Researches and developments of the system was in 2004 we provide continuous researches and developments that’s why OXY Product got the acceptable and the appreciation from doctors and dental centers. OXY Implant was designed to meet all the expectations of the modern dental professionals and submitting radical solutions to dental implants to advanced prosthodontic consideration every day. The aim of OXY Implant is to offer various alternatives to the different clinical situations. OXY Implant Lines products are made of commercially pure titanium and possess high mechanical characteristics and machined with the latest computerized numerical control technology to ensure high accuracy and maximum levels of satisfy. These lines got the CE 0434 Certification.   All products in OXY Implant are subjected to strict quality controls in all their manufacturing processes and certified quality system ISO 9001 and ISO 13485. All products in OXY Implant are developed, produced and controlled within the company in Italy.   We provide the Services, The Technical Support, The Prompt Delivery and Innovative Solutions and The Competitive Pricing That’s keeping pace with the market and also flexibility on collecting deposits and Provide special offers that’s suit to and exceed our Customer Expectations and Satisfactions.